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Getting a DUI Is a Serious Violation So You Need an Experienced DUI Attorney

Reading, PA, and the surrounding areas enforce strict laws for the safety of the general public. Fortunately, most individuals obey these laws; however, sometimes these laws are broken. One of the most difficult crimes to defend against is driving under the influence, or DUI. This is not just a problem in Pennsylvania, but a problem nationwide. Every day, people are arrested for this crime, and unfortunately, they don't realize how serious it is. If you have been arrested for a DUI, you need to hire an experienced DUI attorney who will be on your side throughout your case.

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Reading, PA

Without a good defense attorney on your side, you could end up spending time in prison for this crime. A skilled DUI lawyer is experienced in these cases and will either try to get the charges dismissed or the penalty lowered if you are found guilty. There are a few main tactics that a good defense attorney in Reading, PA, can use as a defense in your DUI case, such as:

  • Proving the breathalyzer to be faulty
  • Exhibiting the lack of a quality blood test
  • Proving the field sobriety test was administered incorrectly

Many attorneys who practice criminal defense also handle other cases that fall under different areas of the law. For instance, many attorneys are specialized custody attorneys and represent child custody cases, as well as civil liberty cases and divorces.